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The Portuguese Industrial Property Office (INPI) adopted Regulation 6187/2023, concerning the formal requirements of applications and documents presented in applications for registration under the Industrial Property Code. The Regulation revokes the previous rules (Regulation 6142/2019, of the 4th of July) as from 1 June 2023.

The new rules provide for the following amendments:

  • In general, the possibility of presenting USB Flash Drives (pen disk) when the documents to be presented exceed the size of 10 MB and are not divisible, or if they are in formats whose use is not feasible through the online services of the INPI;
  • As to validation of European Patents whose Unitary Effect was refused by the EPO, the need to provide a copy of the refusal decision;
  • Regarding trademarks, the admissible types of proof of use, language, translation and other file organization requirements of the evidence of use filed.

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