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As of 12 December 2022, the Intellectual Property Office of São Tomé and Príncipe (SENAPIQ) will use and accept the list of terms from the Harmonised Database of goods and services (HDB) in TMclass.

The HDB contains terms that are agreed by all the regional and national IP offices of the European Union together with EUIPO. The Harmonised Database is the world’s largest goods and services database and is embedded in all EUIPO online filings and in classification tools such as TMClass or Similarity.

The Harmonised Database is fully compliant with the latest edition of the Nice Classification (the 11th).

Following the decision of SENAPIQ to use the HDB, there are now 28 lP offices outside the European Union that follow the HDB.

The integration of SENAPIQ in the HDB users group is thanks to EUIPO’s lnternational Cooperation programme in collaboration with the EU funded project called lntellectual Property Rights (lPRs) Action for Africa (AfrlPl), which is directed by the European Commission and executed by EUIPO.

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